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RECONNECT: 8 weeks of physical exploration



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You were never broken.

We’re sold the idea that we need fixing. And the wellness industry might be one of the most frequent senders of said message.

It touts perfectionism in our routines, our bodies, and our experience as humans. And let me tell you, I was drinking the kool-aid. By the gallon.

When I began my wellness journey, the only priority was to shrink my body. And in doing so, I shrank my relationships, my joy, and my self-expression. I chased a perfect body, sacrificing every other area of my well-being, completely disconnected from my loved ones, the world, and myself. And with time, my relationship to my body has shifted from one rooted in fear, lack, and something to control into one built on deep trust and curious exploration.

It is my belief that well-being consists of four pillars: physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual, and community care. Integrated well-being connects the dots to allow us to step into our fullest embodiment—and that will look and feel different for each of us. But it is my belief that the first step towards that integration is through our physical bodies.

That’s where my new program Reconnect: 8 weeks of Physical Exploration comes in. 

What this program is:

  • An invitation to come home, and feel good in your body

  • A tool that honors your physical body

  • An exploration of the growth edges of our physical experience

  • This is about embodiment — truly connecting to our vessel

  • A conduit for physical and emotional expression

What it is not:

  • This is not a strict, size-focused program.

  • punishment

  • perfectionism

  • a push to be smaller

In short,

I want to help you liberate yourself from the narrow mindset that says we have to look a certain way to be healthy. This is so much bigger. And I promise you, it’s a hell of a lot more fun.

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