A Holistic 8 Week Movement Program


This 8-week program includes 4 detailed workouts per week


What's been holding you back?  
  • Perfectionism?

  • Fear of "trying in public" ?

  • Lack of time?

  • Body shame?

  • Being out of your comfort zone? 

  • The idea of not being good at something?

I may not be able to solve all of those problems in one workout plan, but here’s what I can offer:

  • A structured, step-by-step plan with video demo's for what you’ll do each workout-- AKA less decision fatigue

  • A more holistic approach to physical wellness

  • The confidence to be in spaces you’re unfamiliar with

  • A shame-free outlook on consistency

  • An approach that will ease you into your gym exploration

  • Reflection on the intersections of physical well-being, psycho-emotional well-being, and spirituality

  • Inspiration, guidance, and support


What Clients Say

"I’m so grateful to have found Adrianna! Over the past year, she has guided and coached me to feel stronger in my body, mind and spirit. Each workout is uniquely challenging yet attainable; making you feel successful and confident after each session. I highly recommend training with Adrianna if you want to create a loving relationship with your body, test its limits and feel empowered!" --Gemma R.

This isn't a quest for perfection.
The journey is coming home to ourselves.

We’re sold the idea that we need fixing. And the wellness industry might be one of the most frequent senders of said message.

It touts perfectionism in our routines, our bodies, and our experience as humans. And let me tell you, I was drinking the kool-aid. By the gallon.

When I began my wellness journey, the only priority was to shrink my body. And in doing so, I shrank my relationships, my joy, and my self-expression. I chased a perfect body, sacrificing every other area of my well-being, completely disconnected from my loved ones, the world, and myself. And with time, my relationship to my body has shifted from one rooted in fear and lack into a curious exploration.

It is my belief that well-being consists of four pillars: physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual, and community care. Integrated well-being connects the dots to allow us to step into our fullest embodiment—and that will look and feel different for each of us. But it is my belief that the first step towards that integration is through our physical well-being.

That’s where my new program Reconnect: 8 weeks of Physical Exploration comes in. 

How It Works: 

  • When you purchase Reconnect, you’ll immediately receive a link to an interactive Notion workbook.

  • You’ll be able to duplicate this Notion template to your own workspace as many times as you want.

  • Reconnect includes 8 weeks of functional and dynamic workouts, each featuring 1 HIIT workout, 2 Strength workouts and 1 Recovery Sculpt workout.

  • If you fall off or skip a week, you can return and pick up exactly where you left off.

  • After each workout, you’ll also be prompted to do a short journaling exercise so you can reflect on your progress and how it feels to show up for yourself.

What this program is:

  • An invitation to come home, and feel good in your body

  • A tool that honors your physical body

  • An exploration of the growth edges of our physical experience.

  • This is about embodiment — truly connecting to our vessel.

  • A conduit for physical and emotional expression.

What it is not:

  • This is not a strict, size-focused program.

  • punishment

  • perfectionism

  • a push to be smaller

Who I Am and What I Do

My name is Adrianna Basin. I am a certified personal trainer, chef, healing advocate, and community builder with a deep desire to help build a world that runs on the foundations of love, empathy, connection, and reciprocity—with one another and with the planet.  

Over the years I've worked with performers preparing for awards shows and roles, models, and executives who need their physical energy to match their demanding schedules and mental acumen. But my favorite thing to see isn't the physical transformation. Rather it's the mental, emotional, and spiritual transformations that happen along the way. 

My mission is to connect what I believe to be the four main pillars of well-being: physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual, and community & planetary care. I want to fuse these areas of wellness that the industry has compartmentalized because like everything else in the universe, they are deeply interconnected. Each one impacts the others.


My mission is to provide you with tools and practices that allow you to integrate all of those pieces so that you may access all of the joy, pleasure, abundance, and love that you desire. 

I aim to shift the narratives around wellness culture that use fear as a primary tactic, the same narratives that promise people “new” bodies through rigid routines and yo-yo diet culture.  My goal is to hold the space for you to embark on your journey of radical self-love. Through physical movement, nourishment, connection, play, and creative rituals, you will step into your most fulfilled self.   

By committing to these practices, you are signaling to the Universe that you are ready to liberate yourself and step into your fullest expression. Through these methods, you will embark on a conscious inward journey home.  There are no quick fixes here. I am here to guide you towards a lifestyle that honors your physical, psycho-emotional, and energetic needs. My vision for you and for the collective is liberation--in every sense of the word.  

Oh, also I'm an INFJ and my big three are Sagittarius sun, Capricorn moon, and Capricorn rising!

I can't wait to get to know you.

This is a workout program for people who

  • Feel overwhelmed by mainstream fitness culture

  • Want to approach movement with curiosity, instead of dread

  • Are ready to feel confident working out in public

  • Want to release shame about their bodies and habits

  • Are ready to feel liberated, embodied and good